Monday, October 19, 2015

Against Type

I have made several comments over the years about the style or personality difference between conservatives and liberals, especially among the extremer versions of those persuasions. In short, I have generalised that conservatives are more defensive, more knock-this-chip-off, while liberals are more aggressive and even violent.  BSKing notes that this may not hold across all issues, as anti-taxers, fringe and mainstream, are somewhat different from prolifers, fringe and mainstream.  She gazes across the fields of her relatives and acquaintances and sees also antiwar and free-staters that seem similar. She wonders too, from more limited but still interesting data, if types of personality disorders gravitate one way or t'other in politics. 

I still marvel that Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump have such similar #1 and #2 views (reversed in order) but use such different rhetoric to express them.

I'd be interested in the collection of anecdotes you guys have in this area. Odd results can lead to new understandings, remember.

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