Sunday, February 16, 2014

Copernicus and Lard

My little memory trick is a keyword that suggests a whole conversation, or a post.  "Keyword: Breakfast" I might say to Tracy, which she can pull out for discussion over the next day if we are in the car or both hit a breakpoint in our routines.  I also use it as a mnemonic for posts I have planned.  If I have more than three, I start using the initial letters and putting them in pronounceable form.

Dubbahdee used to teach memory courses, and I imagine mine is a rough version of some more refined and efficient system for remembering strings of data.  It works for up to five elements pretty well.

My next two posts have the keywords Copernicus and lard.  We cover a lot of territory here.


Sam L. said...

He was lucky not to be boiled in rendered lard, he was, he was.

Dubbahdee said...

Let's have dinner together sometime. In less than an hour I can have you effortlessly double that, and with a little homework, you could be nailing lists of 20-30 items.

Of course, that's assuming you have a NEED to remember lists of 20-30 items. ;-)