Wednesday, July 31, 2013


A coworker thinks it was appalling that George Zimmerman wasn't convicted, but also thinks that we are rushing to judgement about Aaron Hernandez.  In both cases, he nods knowingly that it's society's inherent, unsolved racism that is the cause of all this.


Sam L. said...

Well, I mean, golly good gosh golly miss molly, what ELSE could it possibly be? There is no else! Forbidden by the narrative and liberal/progressive "thought", such as it is.

Texan99 said...

"Panini America, a sports memorabilia and trading card company, removed stickers of Hernandez from approximately 500,000 sticker books which had yet to be sent to collectors and replaced the stickers, as well as trading cards, with cards depicting Tim Tebow."

That had to sting.

Is this the guy who was caught on videotape in his home carrying a gun or some such thing? The Wiki entry says he disabled his own alarm system. But I don't want to rush to judgment. Only, I don't understand how racism figures in -- isn't Hernandez considered white now? I can't keep track. Is it like military rank, where you're "black" to anyone whose ancestors were more privileged, but "white" to anyone more persecuted than yourself?

Pat Boyle said...

This seems to be a strong argument for changing your workplace.