Sunday, July 28, 2013

And Another One Bites The Dust

Bother, thought Pooh. Fish oil pills don't do any good and they might even cause cancer.  I suppose I shall have to eat fish, then. Only, I don't like fish.  Bother.


Sam L. said...

Everything supposed to be good for you isn't, and everything supposed to be bad for you isn't, and they swap with each new study.

Life's a bummer, or not, and then you die.

Retriever said...

Eat wild fish. The farmed stuff does you no good at all because much of the food contains petroleum by-products (as does lotsa animal feed generally). I speak as the daughter of a fish farmer (he wouldn't eat his own fish because he was too sentimental, but I won't eat farmed fish because of the contracts with companies that shall go nameless to develop fish food...

The main thing is to do as Grandma said and just eat a varied diet with lots of fruits, veggies. To that I would add, eat no meat or fish if factory farmed. If you won't do it for your own health, look at the Humane Society's pitiable videos of tortured piggies, and (like me) you may decide to go back to your youthful vegeterianism and enjoy your lentils...(I still cook meat for my carnivore family, sadly, but remind them not to let this poor animal die in vain, and not to waste it...)

Yup, I grow veggies at home. Organic and the bug holes to prove it. My apple trees are uglier than sin but make good pies and applesauce and apple butter

Rambling, off to evil Costco w husband on hot date for dinner of frozen yogurt (doubtless from tortured cows).

Morally Inconsistent

Texan99 said...

The Omega-3 people claim that the important distinction is whether the meat animal ate greens or seeds. So go for grass-fed beef, and avoid farm fish that were fed on grains. And eat greens while avoiding grains yourself, they say.

I've read books about it that sounded awfully convincing; it's one of the few diet fads that made some sense to me. But I'm not convinced the evidence is really there yet.

jaed said...

I am convinced that every food recommendation without exception should come with the clause "for some people". It's the only way to explain the contradictory studies, and the invariable spread of anecdotal evidence from "this is magic!" to "this is poison!". We are all different.

If only the medical industry - from your internist to researchers to the guy who writes the diet advice column in the Food section of the paper - didn't have the habit of issuing loud, overbearing, and universal decrees on such things, we might have noticed this a long time ago.

Jeff said...

Read the article, then read the first comment. I'll keep my pills, thanks.

Assistant Village Idiot said...

The comment is well-constructed. It is also by someone who represents the industry. That doesn't make him wrong, but it is always a point to keep in mind.

(Note: I have no evidence that Jeff represents the industry, however. He seems to represent Jeff.)