Monday, April 08, 2013


The disconcerting part is the the comments, where a lot of people defend these responses because they were preceded by real, but much milder provocations. Either they haven't played a lot of sports themselves and experienced the chippiness players sometimes get away with and sometimes get caught at, or they have inadequate frontal lobe activity* that moderates behavior, and let rage take over too easily. Or maybe they hate Mormons or something.

Well of course I commented. Nothing left unsaid around here.

*"Not enough fence to keep the sheep in," as I say often at work.


Sam L. said...

And water polo players wear two suits because they get torn off under water.

Michael said...

In my short career as a youth soccer referee, the worst game I ever officiated was a U-14 girls game. No one got body slammed, but they were awful with the "chippiness".