Sunday, April 21, 2013


NPR's one focus seems to be that we do not blame immigrants in general, or Muslims in general, for Boston.

I don't mind that they have that opinion.  I mind that it is their only opinion, as if every other possible examination of the subject must be subordinated to making sure their audience Gets This Right.

Check that.  There is still a running stream of offhand mentions of our gun laws, and how part of the background for all this is that you can get ahold of any weaponry you want here. The connecting thought, that guns were not the issue, is missing.  It's just all this violence-y thing, y'know? It all ties together.

What, pressure cookers, nails, and sugar are illegal in Chechnya or something?


Sam L. said...

Why conservatives want NPR defunded. Private money, OK; tax money, no.

Unknown said...

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Sam L. said...

Soooooo, I'm guessing Jane Chen has listened to NPR waaaaaaaaay too long.

Assistant Village Idiot said...

Nah, she's likely a pseudonym spammer.

Sam L. said...

Busted my bubble, AVI, dang you!

Sam L. said...

As AVI said, "Exactly. Language is a marker for values, background, aspirational class, etc. Rather like clothing.

We have to caution ourselves it doesn't tell us everything. But it tells us something."

Which is why I write as I do. Got to have some fun with the lingo.