Thursday, October 04, 2012


The All-Ireland Senior Hurling Championship Final was recently completed.  This gives me a chance to reprise a 2006 post on attending a hurling match in Dublin, Games Mad.  It does seem I am the only one who likes it so much.

The language of sporting events in other English-speaking countries is always a bit unnerving, but always entertaining.  I am guessing that describing Walter Walsh as a debutant has a different meaning in Ireland than America.  A rookie, we would say.  And "Galway's Cyril Donnellan was shown the red card and sent off after swinging his hurley at opponent J. J. Delaney and hitting him upon the head" does suggest why the sport remains popular, doesn't it?

The crowds of 80,000 are only for the major matches, apparently.  The one we attended had less than ten, including the four of us.  Very odd.


Sam L. said...

Wiki was no help at all. Your description helped.

Sam L. said...

Also, being Irish, one might think of a completely different meaning of hurling.