Sunday, October 28, 2012

Early D&D Was Rubbish

Retriever sent me his video about drawing swords - they don't really make a "schwing!" sound - but I watched a half-dozen and liked this one.

The Hollywood myth about throwing knives is dealt with pretty cleanly as well. Have fun.

I loved First Edition D&D BTW.  I spent hours designing.  But in retrospect, there were enormous holes in the game.  Why would wizards go to the trouble of creating rooms full of pools of random spells?  Shelved and labeled storage seems more sensible.  And what did the orcs survive on when we wernt around?


james said...

And wandering monsters should take possession of emptied-out rooms. And, for that matter, there should be a small possibility that the monster guarding an area would be briefly out of the room to get food or more loot, making speed and covering your tracks useful skills.

Dubbahdee said...

Runequest is better because "it reflects the world as it actually is." And completely without irony.