Thursday, August 30, 2012


We have about a half-dozen marinades for meat that we use commonly, plus I like to experiment from time-to-time.  But really, Italian dressing ( we tend toward bruschetta or robusto versions these days) is what we like best and we probably use it 50% of the time. Meat. Squeeze bottle. Bag. Freeze or refrigerate. Grill.  It doesn't get much easier and we just like it better than the labor-intensive marinades in the recipe book.  As is ironically common, we get whimpers of appreciation and requests for the recipe.  Yeah.  Go to Hannaford's. Find Aisle 3.


Sam L. said...

Mushrooms soaked in Italian dressing are mighty tasty.

Dubbahdee said...

Wouldn't it be more fun to give them something impossibly complicated and ask them to report back. When they tell you it just wasn't the same you can feign puzzlement and make polite suggestions about things they might have missed.

Of's more work.

Texan99 said...

Your basic vinaigrette is hard to beat, I agree: fats, acids, sugar, salt, and some spices, everything you need for meat. I also have a habit of saving the oil/vinegar mixtures that canned products come in, like stuffed grape leaves or artichoke hearts, to use as dressings or marinades.

We often use Montreal Steak Powder, or whatever they call it. It's basically sait, pepper, lemon zest, and a few other things, great on steaks. If I don't have that, my favorite is salt, pepper, and lime juice.

Assistant Village Idiot said...

Gee Dave, I kinda like my friends.

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