Saturday, August 11, 2012

2(Weight Of Glory)

I have lent out or given away many copies of CS Lewis's The Weight Of Glory over the years, and thus have not reread it for some time.  "The Inner Ring," "Transposition," and the title essay have rung in my head for decades now.  "Why I am Not A Pacifist" was one of the most powerful single reading experiences I have ever had.  When I started the essay, I was a pacifist, and was quite certain that God and the scriptures demanded this POV.  When I finished the essay a few minutes later, I knew that belief was in ruins forever.

I just finished it, but will have to go straight back and start again.  I seem to have lost flexibility, or tolerance, or kindness over the years.  I read each essay and kept thinking how Other People really needed to hear this part or that - liberals, fundamentalists, mainstream denominations, young men - group after group of people who are Not I.

That can't be healthy.  I must read it again with attention to how it applies to me.


james said...

Or possibly you have learned _these_ lessons and need to study the next set. (I'm re-reading Imitation of Christ, and trying to get past my annoyance at the clericalism.)

Sam L. said...

Self-knowledge is a bitch, and it is good to rethink thyself from time to time.

karrde said...

The Inner Ring scared me the first time I read it.

The ideas contained therein still are a little frightening. The desire to belong, to be on the Inside, to know Important People (or to be an Important Person) is powerful.

Powerful enough to cause people to do evil. Or to ignore doing something good, in favor of doing something for the Inner Ring.