Monday, December 26, 2011

No Politics

Very little political this month, and most of that is noting what others think rather than what I think. Looking over the last few months, that has been increasingly true. Replaced by music.

Maybe I'm not thinking as much, and so not writing about my thought.  Much easier to watch other people think.

My current thought is to read absurdists and existentialists and connect it to church and culture.  My fear is that I will have many brief, unrelated thoughts that don't tie in to any helpful ideas.

(Head slap) Lists!  Lists are supposed to drive up traffic, and are traditional at the end of the year.  I imagine they drive up traffic with real readers, too, not the in-and-out kind that come over to download ABBA or meerkat pictures.

AVI's Top Ten...Top Ten...can't think of anything.  Absurdist dramas isn't likely to grip the imagination, nor is ABBA costumes, nor obscure NH villages, and English language trivia you can get on other sites pretty easily.


Sam L. said...

ABBA. You, AVI, having posted the pix and the vids, gave me opportunity to see that those girls were BABES. Yowza.

I have only this to say,
Only this and nothing more, Contemplating lost Lenore.
Quoth the Raven, nevermore.

karrde said...

List of absurdist dramas that remind you of ABBA songs about obscure NH villages and English language trivia?

Except that the list will have a hard time having any members...

Texan99 said...

Top ten devoted, thoughtful readers and commenters, obviously. You have a small but demented and focused readership. Just accept your lot in life.

But keep those meercats coming; I depend on them.