Thursday, December 01, 2011


Run, Fiver, Run!

What Tory scum evil capitalists really think. (Via bsking via Amy Alkon)

A leftist historian's critique of Howard Zinn. About right. Like Noam Chomsky, however many good points he makes, and however much some of his targets do need criticism, there is no getting around how cartoonish are his enemies. They never have any motives but evil ones, and succeed only by bamboozling the masses. Reading this particular article, I am surprised how much of the rhetoric resembles OWS. Even the choice of 99%, rather than 95, or 90, or 75, is telling.

I have little idea which machines are which in this realm. But I have Retriever to protect me, keeping alert for privacy concerns on Carrier IQ.

I know Sponge-Headed Scienceman's politics, but he doesn't put them on his blog much. He has finally weighed in on OWS, though.

Harvard's Greg Mankiw has clips about wealth redistribution from Milton Friedman years ago. (via Bird Dog at Maggie's)


Texan99 said...

I sometimes slum over at FireDogLake, and occasionally post something like "In case you're curious, this is what an actual, breathing conservative believes." They almost always assume I'm lying and go back to their elaborate conspiracy theories. Strange site.

I enjoyed that first link very much.

Assistant Village Idiot said...

I have been at the same site. I recall a few reasonable people in the threads. Not many.