Friday, December 03, 2010

Stupid Statistic

From ESPN: "Michael Vick became one of five QBs since the AFL-NFL merger to have two games with 300 passing yards, two passing TDs and one rushing TD in a single season."



Michael said...

Never before in the history of sports reporting has a reporter manufactured more meaningless statistics in one season, a record that will easily be broken next season as the 24/7 reporting cycle continues to seek factoids that sound fresh but are ridiculous.

Retriever said...

Michael Vick is scum on earth. He should be fed to a bunch of hungry shelter dogs, while alive.

Ben Wyman said...

I understand that many people will never forgive Vick for his actions no matter what he does, and people have a right to feel that way. But I feel these violent explosions whenever his name is mentioned are a bad habit. Hatred doesn't require constant updates. He does seem to be one of those people who turns everyone into a YouTube commenter, though.

I hear dumb stats like this after every game these days. "The first player to score 20 points, collect 10 rebounds, 8 assists and 4 steals in three of the first ten games of the season." I'm sorry, what?

Retriever said...

Sorry. Am such a sentimental lover of canines...they have better characters than most of us humanoids. And I always loved that prayer "Lord, make me the person my dog thinks I am..."

Ymar said...

Vick just knew his place.

He's got to stand there watching dogs fight because he himself can't.

He'd never go up against the real deal, precisely because he knows where his place on the totem is.