Monday, December 06, 2010


Everyone will take something different from Retriever's post Scapegoats and Standard Bearers. She kicks herself pretty hard, but to a purpose.

Terri continues her ongoing, sometimes intense examination of The Meaning of Jesus. She avoids easy, cliched answers, and I'm down with that.

Donna B's father gets elected mayor. (This time she helped.)

Maine Family Robinson reflects on the shock of moving from Massachusetts politics to Maine politics.
Since all the candidates vehemently pronounced their love for education and jobs, no matter what question was posed to them, I figured there must be a dastardly candidate that was for unemployment and ignorance, but I couldn't find one. My wife helpfully offered to write my name in.

You may have a genetic predisposition to promiscuity and other high-risk, high-reward behavior. Yeah, and see what else is associated.

The 50 Greatest College Football Players Of All Time. It covers a variety of eras well. I found all my favorite names I was looking for, too. Including this one, who I thought only I knew about.
As a cornerback, (Howard) Cassady did not ever allow a single pass completion.
But he was considered even better as an RB.

Changes in school technology use. See #11.

City Journal discusses worldwide urbanization, still increasing. I think the city-state model will replace the nationhood model.

Everything you needed to know about democracy and freedom you owe mostly to Puritans.

Willisms, always big on arresting graphs and diagrams, contrasts Texas and California.

An older article that bears revisiting. Why is Language Extinction considered a bad thing? A great Megan McArdle quote within.

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