Saturday, June 19, 2010

Stephen Colbert

Akafred sent this clip of Colbert interviewing Stephen Prothero, author of Eight Religions That Run The World.
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Stephen Prothero
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I don't watch Colbert, and don't think I could take large doses of him if this is his usual style, but I see why people like him and think he's funny. He does that hypomanic, smart-ass, clever schtick very well. But my first thought was How in the world can people who like this call Rush Limbaugh arrogant and rude? It's much the same routine, just cast for a different audience. Colbert defenders would likely claim that much of this is self-mocking and part of the humor, and I suspect that's true. But the same would apply equally to Limbaugh. There is a purely stylistic difference revolving around who is being lampooned and what tribal markers are being dropped into the conversation.

As to the video, I wish Colbert had let this very interesting author talk more. But Colbert is more humorous, which I suppose is why one gets a TV show to begin with. And his comments aren't bad, either.

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