Friday, June 25, 2010

Radio Commercial

On sports radio, the same commercials keep playing. In the afternoon, there is an spot with a woman's voice making an offer about a natural male-enhancement product.

I'm pretty sure they didn't run the phrase "cutting edge technology" past a focus group.


lelia said...

We once saw at the theater an ad for a local dentist that showed all his needles and other sharp instruments orbiting his portrait.
The guy who made the ad must have hated that dentist.

David Foster said...

Too many ad people focus on "what can I do to be edgy and creative and win the admiration of my peers?" than on "what can I do to actually help sell the product I'm supposed to be helping to sell?"

There is also a plague, in both advertising and PR, of mindless insertion of phrases like "cutting edge," "world class," and "state of the art."