Monday, June 28, 2010

Bad Patriotic Art

Exactly the sort of thing tha makes me crazy.


Gringo said...

One man's kitsch is another man's art.

That particular painting illustrates a complaint I have about much of contemporary art: art with a message, in contrast with art that gives a gut reaction of the viewer to its beauty.

I don't like intellectual statements in works of art, regardless of the politics behind it.

While the didactic approach works for me when I am reading something, it leaves me cold when I am observing a putative work of art.

If it looks good, fine. I don't need an explanation from an art critic about what it means. A cousin's husband has made a good living as a freelance artist. His works look good to my eye; I enjoy looking at them. Message, schmessage.

Dubbahdee said...


(claps his hand to his forehead)