Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Dachshund Infinite Loop

When Merry and Pippin have finished eating from their separate bowls, each goes over to the other's bowl to check it out - just in case something has been missed, don't you know. They lick the second bowl quite intently.

Then they decide that hey, that other dog is sure paying a lot of attention to that other bowl - there must be a reason for that, and they go back to the original bowls. A few repetitions is usually enough, but sometimes this can go on for fifteen minutes.

I try to explain this to them, but they just don't listen.


David Foster said...

I feel confident that there are human equivalents to this behavior.

Retriever said...

I like the triumph of hope over experience in dogs: every time ours comes in from the garden, or from sleeping on somebody's bed, she checks her dogbowl in the kitchen. "Let me see what the Household Deities have put there for me." There is never anything there except breakfast, and dinner after ours. But she checks at least 16 x a day. Ever optimistic. Or perhaps just OCD???

Bob Cosmos said...

Quite humorous... what is next a Dachshund Mobius leash?

Also, I'm not saying this is relevant... but in case you hadn't seen it...

Donna B. said...

Our dogs are outside dogs -- a husky/lab mix and a great pyrenees. When they come inside for their evening romp with the humans, it's quite interesting.

After they great pyrenees licks the floor, he tries to get into the dog food containers. He's cute trying to do that. Then he sprawls out across the kitchen in such a way that you cannot go around him, but must step over him.

The husky/lab immediately goes to front door and whines to be outside again, unless you are actively giving him treats for sitting, etc.

I love these dogs, but would not recommend a great pyrenees unless you have the time to brush and groom him at least three times a week.

But you can't beat the pyrenees' hugs and kisses :-)

terri said...

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