Thursday, February 12, 2009

!0 College Courses

Mental Floss has a list of courses you wish your college had had. No I don't, actually, though I see their point. Theatre & Speech has proved useless enough over the years (yes, we spelled it that way at W&M - 18th C and all that), I didn't need encouragement to become more frivolous.

I am grateful that Dungeons and Dragons had not yet been invented when I was a college. I never would have graduated. I did hear of a game called Midgard my junior year, that was a precursor to RPG's played by mail, if you can imagine such a thing. Fortunately, I never found a contact address. Wikipedia does not list this game anywhere, but it sounds so plausible that I cannot dismiss it as legend.

Indirect HT to Ben

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Retriever said...

My kids are all such D and D fanatics, and RPG game fiends, that the one going to the toughest college deliberately got a Macbook so she would be unable to play her games on it "Mom, I have to go cold turkey..."
Of course when home on vacation, she games 18 hours straight and only emerges occasionally, pale and savage as a RIngWraith for food and coffee....