Thursday, July 03, 2008

Where Credit Is Due

Without JD Drew, the Red Sox would have been in free-fall in the month of June. He batted in or scored 1/3 of their runs (and no, I didn't count the HR's twice in that, as some do). I spent last season fantacising about better, less-expensive right fielders that we could have gotten instead.

It is more exciting, and seems more important, to remember Jim Rice carrying the Sox for two weeks in Sept '86, or Yaz carrying them for two weeks in Sept '67. But they all count the same in the end, and sometimes a guy who can stop the bleeding is all you need.


Ben Wyman said...

In my fantasy league, I picked Drew up off of waivers at the beginning of June. His stock was so low that a dozen people didn't have a spot for him on their team, despite him being the starting RF for one of the highest-scoring teams in baseball. Today, he was the second-highest ranked OF in baseball for the month of June after Jermaine Dye - who, by the way, I also picked up off of waivers.

Anonymous said...

Thursday and friday's games were interesting, but today's game against the Yankees was dull...until the last bottom of the 8th and top of the 9th. I was hoping that the Red Sox would pull it out, but twas not to be.