Monday, July 21, 2008

Odd Sabbatical

The First Congregational Church of Dunbarton, NH is on summer sabbatical, according to their sign. It seems odd to be taking Sabbaths off as a sabbatical.


Anonymous said...

Sometimes language doesn't cover all the nuance of language. Wait, did that make sense?

Leave it to you AVI to find the real oddities in our convoluted lives. Thanks!

Dubbahdee said...

Well, can hardly blame them can you? I mean it is just SOOOO much WORK, all that standing up and sitting down, all that praying...and don't even get me started on the singing. Lord Have Mercy! Some of those hymns just go on and on and on for 2, 3 verses, sometimes even 5. It's just exhausting. And to expect us to do this EVERY WEEK! 52 WEEKS A YEAR, non-stop, with no breaks, all by ourselves with no one to help share the load...Well, any reasonable person could see that it would just be nice to at least have a nice substitute congregation come in every once in a while to spell you. Really. I've heard that some people are hiring Mexican congregations to take care of things, and that they really do good work. I mean the kind of things that American worshippers just aren't willing to do anymore. At least not for that kind of pay, if you know what I mean. It's very reasonable. They should look into it.
I'm sure everyone agrees that it is good to have a nice church, but it really is just too much work sometimes. Even God himself took off the seventh day, right? I'm not sure it says it this way exactly but doesn't the Bible say somewhere that he took a nap or something? If God takes naps, I think then that what they are doing really is biblical. Well, of course, we take naps too, during the's just sooooo humid in the summer, and the pastor does tend to go on. So really, what difference does it make to God if we nap in the pew or at home. Napping at home really just LOOKS much better, don't you see? That's what you are saying really, isn't it? Absolutely. I'm sure God understands perfectly.
After all, you know what the Bible says..."God is Love." Hmmmm. That's nice.

Assistant Village Idiot said...

Laughed out loud about the Mexican worshipers, Dave.