Thursday, July 10, 2008

When I Say 'Religious Left'

All the brouhaha over Obama's Church and Rev. Wright have shone a light on the religious left, long believed extinct, or at least moribund. But two years ago I had a long post cataloging the leftism of the mainstream denominations. This was the first in a series that continued in August. I may collect them into a sidebar group.

The conventional wisdom is that there has been no religious left since the heyday of civil rights and antiwar protests, a time which many boomer Christians look back on in fondness, overvaluing the effect of their protests. In this model, liberals in the church have just sort of gone quiet while the Religious Right did all this grassroots organizing and splashy politicizing. Only now (and they hope it’s not too late) has the liberal church begun to slowly re-emerge, claiming back the territory in the public square that was usurped by conservatives.

That is nonsense. Liberal Christians own the power structures of the mainstream denominations...

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