Saturday, June 07, 2008


The MLB season is 40% over. If the playoffs were today, it would be Red Sox, White Sox, Angels, Rays; Phillies, Cubs, Arizona Cards. Despite all the stirring tales of late season drives and collapses, Runs Scored vs, Runs Against always provides a good second look at a team, to see if it is playing over its head or underperforming. If RS/RA looks similar to the standings, take it for granted that the standings are about what they should be. Of those eight teams, 6-8 will be in the playoffs.

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Anonymous said...

The White Sox can be had if the Indians or Tigers could ever pull it together. If neither of those teams can win 85 games, the division belongs to the Pale Hose. The Angels of Anaheim should have no problem - no on in the division who can keep up with them. Tampa Bay is intriguing and I'm actually pulling for them to break the NY-BOS lock on the division/wildcard situation. We'll see how that plays out. Never count out the Yankees.

In the NL, Arizona looked like world beaters the first 6 weeks of the season. Now, it is a matter of whether anyone in the division can mount a challenge. Torre's magic is only good in NY, SD & SF are playing better and COLO looks hopeless with all the injuries and pitching that looks very shaky. The Cubs seems pretty secure for the division or the wild card. The Cards seem to be doing it with smoke and mirrors but Larussa has been able to do that for years - won the World Series 2 years ago with a team that won something like 84 games. But they don't look like a lock to me. The phillies look strong, the Marlins have too many holes and I don't think the Braves are quite up to being contenders all year. The Mets spent a lot of money and, like the Tigers, what have they received for all that dinero? Santana's been fine but not much else. If Reyes can step it up, maybe they will contend, but being swept in SD isn't a good omen.