Friday, June 13, 2008

I'm Just Sayin'

If sexism was unfairly used against Hillary and racism is unfairly used against Obama, why is it fair to focus on McCain's age?

I want to smack McCain because of his can't-stop-tinkering attitude: yes, he supports the First Amendment but has a couple of ideas he thinks are better; yes, he supports free markets but he thinks if he can just tweak it it will be even better. That's how stuff gets broken, John.

But Democrats who weren't concerned when Bill Clinton refused to release his medical records lost their right to "express concern" over a healthy active guy whose mother is still alive.


Anonymous said...

Maybe at his age he should be sitting on his porch with an umbrella drink . . .

terri said...

It wasn't the Dems who first brought up his age, but that intellectual giant, Chuck Norris...who is only five years younger than McCain.

I guess in a culture that doesn't revere older people, but sees them as irrelevant nuisances, this type of thinking is bound to creep in.

Wasn't Reagan up there in years?

A Mid-Knight in B Block said...

I wrote this on May 24th after watching Jesse V on U-Tube.

"I heard an interesting comment by an otherwise some what nutty Jesse Ventura. He commented on the fact that the Fed requires/mandates all employees to retire at 65. How can we elect someone, at 72, to be the boss of people he will have to retire at 65? It is an interesting point, and definitely establishes age as a political argument and talking point."

It will not change my support of McCain, but it makes his age a more viable argument than race or sex. I watched or heard an argument about forcibly retiring airline pilots some years ago. The general gist was that many of the good pilots that had combat experience were getting to retirement age, and by retiring physically capable people we were making the airways less safe. In today’s world maybe it’s time to re-look at mandatory retirement.

A Mid-Knight in B Block said...

Reagan was the oldest elected at 69.

BTW, there was an internet push to elect Ron Paul, and he is a year older than McCain.