Saturday, June 07, 2008


I am developing an illness - I am not sure what it is. The treatment, however, involves sitting on my porch with an umbrella drink - I am quite certain of that.

Explanations from the general public are appreciated.


Erin said...

Heat stroke mixed with dehydration.

I'm suffering from pleasure reading deprivation; my remedy is sitting by the pool reading for fun, which is where I am headed now.

Best of luck in recovery!

Anonymous said...

I recommend you medicate as specified 3 times a day for a week; and if you're feeling better, 4 times a day for the following week.

Anonymous said...

"old guyitis" is my best guess. Let me know if there's stronger remedy available.

Jerub-Baal said...

Hmmm... my treatment seems to involve single malt in standard shot glasses...

... very late at night on the back stoop.

Soon it will involve all that while watching the fireflies.

jackscrow said...

"Umbrella drink". That's the sickness.

The cure: slam two PBR (punishment, not reward), and then gently sip a double Stoli on rocks (You can substitute a stalk of celery for the umbrella, as long as it's in a Bloody made with Stoli, and for extra enjoyment, add a vicodin to the mix, but only AFTER mowing the lawn -- not before).

Wait thirty minutes and repeat everything but the vicodin (I don't advocate drug abuse.).


Oh, wait... you already are.

Anonymous said...

wait guys, this site's getting way too mellow of late - allow me to shake it up a bit with a hot topic on one of my other top 5 blogs:
Cheers, Tom

Assistant Village Idiot said...

Religious arguments are less common on this site because I am simply right, so no one wants to get into it very much.

Anonymous said...

AVI, glad you've awakened from that extended (for you) parasol pause ;) Admittedly I've been getting antsy awaiting your next most-elucidating Biblical figure group topic (and I acquiesce too, resistance to your wisdom being futile :). Religion is actually one of my favorite topics of your blog, and points you make are worthy of much more discussion - as topics unto themselves. Cheers.