Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Cleveland Indians

I am of course rooting for my Red Sox. But I just can't work up any animosity against the Indian players. Paul Byrd is pitching, and he's a sweet guy. What's not to like about the way Grady Sizemore plays baseball? Kenny Lofton and Trot Nixon have long been favorites of mine. The Bettencourt story really gets you on his side, hoping he does well.

Rooting against the Yankees is just more enjoyable.


Anonymous said...

One of the nice byproducts about winning in 2004 is that, as I watch the games, I have no sense of urgency that the Red Sox absolutely have to win. They won 3 years ago. I still want them to win and I have been disappointed in this series. The fifth inning last night was painful. But I'm with you. This is why I didn't want to play the Yankees, because if the Red Sox don't get to the World Series, then Cleveland is a nice fallback position. Fox won't be excited, but a baseball fan like me thinks a Colorado/Cleveland World Series is good for the game. The team that has never won against a team that has gone almost 60 years since their last title.

But still, GO RED SOX! Shut em down, Beckett!

Ben Wyman said...

Agreed. My hatred for the Yankees will never truly abate, but this is a tough Indians team to hate. And I find people like Paul Byrd charming. If I was an Ohio native, I would have no trouble rooting for this Indians squad. I want us to win, of course, but I've got no urgency in the matter.

Man, though, we were really built more as a regular-season team, weren't we? I had no idea.

jackscrow said...

Having been to several baseball and basketball games in Boston, I now root against everything Boston.

It might be my "small-town" mentality, but I have never seen worse fan behavior.

They make Raider fans and Dog-pounders look like amateurs.

jackscrow said...

Evidently, "sweet" guys buy HGH too....