Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Be Thankful

Thus ends the best month in New England sports history. Be glad you lived to see it.


Anonymous said...

In 1986, some months before the Red Sox had won the pennant that year, a klezmer group on the Prairie Home Companion sang a song about the Red Sox . Here is what I remember of the song:

Go, Boston Red Sox
...of frankfurters and beer
From New Hampshire to the ocean
Sox fans are in motion
Hoping without reason
For a better season
Than you had last year.

Ironically, for all my dislike of the NY Yankees, the only actual contact I had with a major league ballplayer was with a former Yankee, who was a student teacher in one of my high school gym classes. In a conversation with a co-worker, I found out that Calvin Schiraldi was a member of his church. A classmate in TX from the west side of the Connecticut River was a diehard Yankees fan- not surprising given the Yankees/Red Sox divide in Conn. Her grandmother had boarded players from the Red Sox farm team in New Britain.

Assistant Village Idiot said...

I remember that song! Parts of it, anyway. "oh-oh give it to him let him see the fastball! give it to him let him see the fastball!" I bought their tape, but that version wasn't on there. It was to the tune of "In Odess" (Odessa), which is likely an eastern European klex standard.