Tuesday, March 13, 2007


My second son mentioned on our drive down to Houston, that a lot of college kids say they listen to all kinds of music, "but you really do." Knowing how he feels about many of my music choices, I took this as about 75% complimentary. It seems a mark of honor, and a great irony. When I was younger and was trying to be unique, I chose music that a significant minority of other people did. Now that I listen to what catches my fancy, I turn out to be different without trying.

I thought of this today when Norwegian Folk Dances finished up on the car CD, and I replaced it with Johnny Winter. I'm not sure I should even mention what else is in the current pile. The combinations strike even me as the product of a fevered mind which has no coherence. Each individual choice is not that unusual. No really, it isn't. It's just that together they're unsettling.


Ben Wyman said...

80% complimentary

Erin said...

You think you're bad...have you ever really looked through akafred's collection? It's unsettling to say the least.