Saturday, March 17, 2007

Church Emphasis

I am still reading up on the Emerging Church, and will eventually offer opinions. Akafred sent me an article about another movement, the Simple Church. In the last two decades there have also been movements of Seeker-Friendly and Purpose-Driven churches. While there is always danger in various bandwagons, the Assistant Village Idiot notices the obvious here: these movements are all about church development. In the 1970's and 80's Christian literature leaned much more to personal growth, personal evangelism, personal fulfillment. Underneath the specific fashions there has been a sea-change. The emphasis is on community rather than individual Christianity. Though that carries some risks and blind spots of its own, I have to think that is overall a good thing.

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Bird Dog said...

Good point. I think two themes converge: church-building, which is an entrepreneurial-styled marketing thing with which I am not too comfortable - and faith-community-building.

I think the latter is essential. I think it is very difficult to grow in faith and to grow as a Christian without being part of a similarly-minded group