Thursday, February 15, 2007

Team Colors

Two decades ago, my brother was describing to me what a great gig it was doing lights for the Anaheim Mighty Ducks. A friend of his had the season contract, and he just went in and supervised the set-up when his friend needed a night off. Big money, little work. I thought it was great. I commented how irritating it was that the Ducks had chosen what were the current fashionable colors: black, teal, and a purply magenta. "Yeah, that's great now," I said, "but what are they going to do when those colors go out of style? Seems like bad marketing to me." There was a pause, as my southern-California brother pondered how to break this to the country mouse back home. "When the fashion changes, they'll change the team colors." (See link)

That would never occur to anyone in New England. The Bruins colors are black-and-gold-and white. I didn't think it was legal to change them. I thought it was sort of like a Methodist deal, where you have to sing Charles Wesley hymns forever, or what kinds of pie you have at Thanksgiving. There is something deeply wrong with a culture that thinks its teams can just change their colors with the fashions.


Kate said...

Don't build stadiums around the team colors.

bs king said...

It took me years to wrap my head around the fact that the Mighty Ducks were a real team and not some sort of bizarre NBA prank on the NHL. They named themselves after a movie for the love of Emilio Estevez movie if I remember correctly.