Sunday, February 04, 2007

Psychosphere Roundup

When GM Roper linked to many of us on the psychosphere, I didn’t think to pass that along to others. There are a few things you might like. Roper himself ran across an instance of Piglet being censored out of a picture book in Qatar, and asks Piglet for comment on the whole affair.

Dr Helen, never afraid of controversy, has a post on Why Men (And Women) Don’t Want Sex.(Poignancy alert!)

Psych Pundit, who I believe is new, has articles on research showing a link between dietary sugar and mental illness, and commentary on the importance of social networks for physical and mental health. (Both should be right up BSKing's alley, anyway)

Okay, I’m Not Really A Cowboy hasn’t been posting so much lately, but has posts on the death of a friend, and gun ownership and perception of danger.

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