Thursday, October 12, 2006

Leaving For Houston

I will be away for almost 2 weeks, traveling from NH to Houston with my second son and all his wordly goods. He has taken a job as a filmmaker at a large Methodist church in The Woodlands. First real job out of school. He lived in NH, KY, Los Angeles, Romania, and Italy last year, and now has one more address to notch in his gun. This one might be more stable. If anyone is looking for a trivia/cranium/charades/party game team member in the Houston area, he’s a one-man team at certain games.

We finished up by playing a d20 game of pirates that he had designed, based on some AD&D principles. We made it two-thirds of the way to Captain Maggot’s treasure, stealing a ship, scaring off a giant shark, and barely defeating an attacking pirate ship. So now we have two damaged hulks, deep in pirate-infested waters, and we’re looking for a place to repair one and sell or trade the other. Along the way we had to drown the horses and kill any number of guards we could have avoided by going a block in any direction. Who knows when the adventure will be completed?

My eldest son, Jonathan, will cover my blog while I am away. He considered learning the craft of village idiot in his youth but decided to become a benefits manager at Fidelity instead. Some might think that a scant difference, but it seems like a respectable profession to me. He used to be the nicest person in the family.

There is no need to pitch underhand to him intellectually. He comments here from time to time and has been able to handle the high hard one since early in college. He may or may not comment on politics, and is more likely to be interested in social/cultural issues.


bs king said...

Johnathan was the nicest person in the family????? When was that????

GraniteDad said...

I go to work and return to find my honor besmirched? I still am the nicest person in the family.

Actually, since meeting my college roommate I admit it's been a downward slope. Heidi's the clear frontrunner. Chris is not too bad either. JA and Ben, not a chance.

Bird Dog said...

A family blog? Great!

Anonymous said...

then your second son, will, at the very least, eat like a king. i lived in howtown for 12 years, and the food there is among the best in the country. not "raved about by critics" food, mind you: i mean gooood food. the best seafood, mexican food, and CFS in the world. darn good viet and chinese, too.

there is the matter of ungodly crime and humidity, but that's a topic for another time.