Thursday, October 05, 2006

Europe's Dating Habits

Watching what is happening to Europe in its capitulation to its Muslim radicals is rather like watching your comfortably well-off widowed mother date an abusive man. (If you prefer to reverse the gender stereotype, watching your comfortably well-off widowed father date an abusive woman also works). Sometimes he’s nice enough and has a certain charm. But he’s often intimidating and occasionally violent.

Well, she’s an adult, and can make up her own mind. She thinks you’re prejudiced and objecting to him just because he’s dark. As to the violence, well, it’s how he was brought up, don’t you know, and she expects to have a calming influence on him.

So what do you do? You keep warning, as politely and kindly as you can. You defend yourself against the lies that he tells her about you – usually involving the inheritance he thinks you are after, even though you are wealthier than she is and don’t need it. You try and see if you can get the other children – Chile, Canada, Australia, etc – to talk some sense into her, but they are less bothered by her choices than you are.

And you pray for her, especially because she’s forgetting to pray for herself these days.

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