Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Sending A Message

I catch about 2-5 minutes of Sean Hannity every day on the way home - something about his voice gets to me quickly, I think. Hannity gets a lot of calls from disaffected conservatives, and I'm glad they feel they have someplace to go.

They talk a lot about sending a message to Republicans in November, particularly around the immigration and spending issues. I understand that, but have a bit of advice. And this advice works just as well for Democrats: sending a message only works in the primaries. It's what the primaries are for, but no one thinks they're quite as much fun. If you send a message to your party in November by staying home, the party won't understand what it is you meant. Were we too angry? Not angry enough? Too liberal? Too conservative? Did they stay home because of the economy or the war? Or maybe spending and immigration? WTF?

And one more message to disaffected Republicans, too. Just because you're tired doesn't mean the job is finished.

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Anonymous said...

I've decided I like your message. Although I have plenty of anger at the Repubs (my own self aggrandisement is here: Republicans, You Need My Vote