Saturday, September 02, 2006

Arab-Israeli Cultural Summary

In 2004, Israel exchanged 400 Arab prisoners to get 3 of its own back.

More recently, there is purportedly a deal in the works to exchange 1000 prisoners for Shalit.

Being able to make a 5 for 3 deal, or a 21 for 8 exchange might just show the Arabs as good bargainers, or lead to suspicions of the relative importance of the individuals. But at exchanges of this magnitude, little more needs to be said. One culture values its citizens, the other does not.


Anonymous said...


It's a brilliant maneuver!

First at bat was General Ulysses S. Grant. When he took a confederate fort. Got them to UNCONDITIONALLY SURRENDER. And, then let the 29,000 confederate troops go home.

THIS BREAKS DOWN THE HOME FOLK. Because the returning soldiers are disallusioned. AND, it spreads like wild fire; causing the south to come to terms with what was ahead. Grant and Sherman would march on them from the REAR. (Both men UNloved in DC. Both men ridiculed, even by Lincoln. Until Lincoln woke up. And, understood he was causing his own nightmares.)

The story starts in 1861. At the first GREAT UNION VICTORY (I think in KENTUCKY). Lincoln fired his BEST GENERAL IN THE WEST; FREMONT. Why? Because as soon as Fremont won the battle he freed the local slaves. (See? Lincoln got outraged.) So you have to know that throughout the Civil War, Lincoln would grow. And, become a believer. In Grant. Oh, yes. And, in prohibiting slavery. EAT THAT!

Meanwhile, so much was not on the radar screen for the schlepps in journalism. Railroads brought them to all battles. Where did they hang out? NOT IN THE FRONT, FOLKS! But in the back. Where you get discouraged soldiers. And, thousands of them fleeing the battle scene. Just in case you thought all soldiers were brave.

Here's an insight. Wellington new men fled. BUT HE SAID THEY COME BACK. So stragglers weren't a problem.

On the other hand, it was the stragglers who gave voices (nasty ones), to the journalists. Who made a lot of money pumping in this garbage and swill, through telegraph machines. TO THE EAST.

Lee, by the way. Always dressed according to the "heroic fashions," liked by the jounalists. Today, that garbage has been forgotten. Too bad. It shouldn't be.

Because those who forget? Leave it to us to see it regurgiated. Again.

So, how does DC work? Well? To get your name in print, and to get bragging rights that the words of praise flow, GOES TO THOSE THAT MANIUPLATE THE PRESS-JERKS. And, here, you meet General Halleck. Today, BECAUSE THE BRIT'S WERE THE BEST AT ANALYZING PREVIOUS BATTLE SITES, you'd learn that Halleck now bears the reputation he deserves. Back biter. Liar. In it for himself. And, the guy who berated Grant at every single turn.

What's the lesson? Some who are moving their careers along are the biggest stinkers. But they get the journalistic edge.

But it was ONLY GRANT who, when he was finally able to lead, (because Lincoln GREW UP), pulled off our victory in the Civil War

By the way, in 1864 Lincoln penned an apology to Grant. He said: "I was wrong. You were right."

Be nice when this stuff starts to show up, again, in American text books.

No. I'm not making this up. BUT I have to go out on my own to find the best information. Other people have provided it. We really are a literate nation. (And, the Brit's have done a wonderful job categorizing the best and the worst about battlefields.) That's why you can name, names, now. And, refer to the winners and losers in a much clearer light.

Did we, in the USA, have to play catch up? Yes. Because the journalists screwed up. And, left it to the Brits to analyze Civil War battles, correctly.

Patton, by the way, was a master at reading. And, he absorbed every single one of Ulysses S. Grant's military lessons. That's why we won in WW2. Again. With pansies for England sitting on top of Patton, he found a way around this "impediment."


We still have impediments.

And, it's everyone, now, on their own. Good luck.

Anonymous said...


I know it upsets people to see "asymetrical" prisoner exchanges. But no one wants to be captured by the Ruskies, for instance. Or by arabs. So you should ask yourselves, "why?"

Then, add that when you treat prisoners well YOU DON'T MAKE ENEMIES.

You get, instead, a front line on the home court, when people go back.

Israel will let out WELL FED prisoners. Families will get back people they love; like seeing your own kids coming back from SUCCESSFUL SUMMERS AT SUMMER CAMP!

Go ahead. Laugh if you want to.

But we live in a world with very few Jews, and a huge population that hears very bad things about Jews.

Returning prisoners from Israel? They've got a reality test. Do some lie? OF course. Comes with the territory of blow hards, and wars.

But you'd be surprised. Some people get the scales to fall from their eyes.

And, then?

You can win when your opponents surrender.

Arik Sharon discovered this is true. When the egyptians in the Sinai did NOT want to fight to the last man.

People fighting Ruskies? They may hide. But they don't volunteer to quit.

So, again. While I know I an't change minds. I hope you have something here that let's you think about WHY doing something isn't "tit-for-tat."

All the headlines you read, today, go in the garbage can, tomorrow.

Yet, tomorrow there will be more fighting. It pays to fight VICIOUSLY. But not to trap people so that they have no way out. If a man decides to drop his gun, he needs the hope that as a prisoner, he doesn't die. His testicles are not cut off.

And, in Israel the prisoners are not even denied their korans. That's just how it is.

While the smarter ones also want an education. This, too, is easy for the Jews to provide.

That's why you've heard that some suicide bombers would rather get caught. Than explode. Really. Think about it.