Sunday, September 24, 2006

Passing It Along

A regular reader of this blog covets my 30 hits/day and asked me to link to a recent posting of his. I didn't even know that Matt Andrade, known in the comments here as Jerub-baal, even had a blog of his own. Apparently his frustration with the whole "contradictions in the Bible" trope boiled over, and he notes with some asperity that the contradictions in Islam seem greater but unmentioned, which is in itself a contradiction in the secularist's POV. Oh no. Not that.

I have actually meant to link to Jerub-baal's artwork for some time now, and this seemed a good excuse to do it. I have placed his site in the sidebar at right, along with another site of fascinating visuals. Jerub-baal's Studio has the added bonus of linking further on to other art and artist's sites; it's always nice when someone else does the research for you, eh?

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