Thursday, March 09, 2006

Transylvania Roundup

News from Transylvania and the surrounding areas.

A soccer player in Arad was traded for 33 lbs of meat. That's usually a signal that your career is over. The new coach complains...

Ukraine looks like it may be going to the World Cup for the first time.

The Transdnestr border conflict in Moldova continues to affect Ukraine, Romania, and all of Europe, because it creates one of the most permeable smuggling areas. The linked article is from the Russian point of view.

A nice historical human-interest story on women during the revolution of the 19th C. This would seem like a very standard Sunday-supplement article to American eyes -- until one remembers that this is exactly the sort of history that was denied Hungarians for generations. This is not merely new to little Hungarian girls in school; it is new to their mothers and grandmothers as well. With that in mind, the story grows larger.

For those who like to keep up with the hard news, the outlook for the Romanian economy is moderately good, and they have a new security-training arrangement with Israel. That is going to be a large improvement, trust me.

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Assistant Village Idiot said...

Thanks for coming by. I did not put things well. I was not referring to Hungarian women being excised from history (though there is that, too), but to the rewriting and suppression of more recent history, 1850-1950, by the communists. The information was not completely lost or unavailable, but for reasons of their own, the USSR tried to steal all the national histories.