Monday, March 20, 2006

I'm Not That Prescient

I love saying that word, BTW: preshn’t. Even better than neshn’t.

I got lunch in the hospital cafeteria at 12:30 and went out to the car. I turned on Rush, who was semi-arguing with a caller about the supposed rage Americans feel about the war. The caller made the claim “I think the polls are an accurate reflection of how people feel about the Bush presidency.” I turned it off. I don’t like to listen to hosts arguing with callers – not sure why. But in 10-15 seconds, this caller, presumably liberal, gave evidence for my last post.

(Filler: My second-to-last post was about the brain keeping time. I didn’t see that anywhere today.)

I later flipped over to Amy Alkon,the Advice Goddess, via Pajamas Media. In her advocating for cancer screenings for poor women, she used the argument of comparing how much we spend on the war with her favored cause. Which, you will note, is my third-to-last post. Amy’s other arguments deserve consideration in the large debate about justice and mercy. But I couldn’t help but notice one more liberal giving evidence for my points.

The LATimes carries an article today about how below-the-salt Taco Bell and its patrons are. That’s not exactly what my fourth-to-last post is about, but it’s darn close. Thank you, predictable liberals, who really, really, hate the poor.

My fifth-to-last is just a link to Tigerhawk and George Shultz. It hardly counts, really.

My sixth-to-last was covered in today’s article out of the UN, via Drudge and Reuters.

I am not that prescient. It’s just that the left is that predictable. Sad, really.


Anonymous said...

Yes you are!

Steve Burri said...

And you see things ahead of time, too.