Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Quote Of The Day

I might disagree with some -- maybe most of this. But somehow I think I could get along with this party. I recognise a few phrases from elsewhere, but I've seen it collected like this.

I imagine it will undergo changes if it spreads...

“I believe in gay families with closets full of guns, capitalism so unrestricted that we can execute cheaters in good conscience, automatic citizenship for those clever enough to get across our booby-trapped borders, and mandatory migrant labor until age 25 for those with no school or job. I want a military with no ground troops, but several times a year destroys 100 square miles of some country that irritates us. I call it the “Just Don’t Piss Me Off” party.
“I’ve got other plans as well. Congressmen will be paid $1,000,000/yr but not allowed to talk or have their pictures taken. They can have text-only web sites. Boys and girls will not only have separate schools but completely separate public areas until age 18. Did I mention that the ungrateful, lazy bastards will be spending a year studying in one of those poor countries that keeps beating us on those tests? And wait ‘til you see my crime bill…”

I'm sorta curious what he wants to do about healthcare...

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