Sunday, February 12, 2006

People Who Mostly Agree With You

The trollish and MSM accusation about the blogosphere is that each area develops an echo chamber, an intellectual cul-de-sac, which becomes impervious to new information and ideas. I don't find that. I find that the sites I frequent have commenters who are people I mostly agree with. That is quite different, because all across the spectrum of ideas, it is often not those who refute you, but those who partly agree with you, who are most likely to change your mind.

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David Foster said...

Precisely. The "echo chamber" argument misses the point that human opinion is multidimensional.

This multidimensionality is, though, lost on those who follow politics purely from an 'inside baseball' standpoint, because all they want to know is, "Is it good for Team A or Team B."