Saturday, February 11, 2006

Parallel Hatreds

The comments of Ed Driscoll of The Press as Victorian Gentlemen, with all the condescension and we-know-better-than-you that implies end with his suggestion that the MSM hates the blogosphere because of its availability to the masses. The internet is messy and unpredictable -- that is, democratic.

I recall going into Walmart a few years ago and thinking "There's a lot of ethnic folks here. Huh." I thought immediately after, "I wonder if that's what the people who hate Walmart are really objecting to. There are poor people here, immigrants, odd-looking people." I have observed the tone of discourse about Walmart since then, and it has confirmed my initial suspicion. The Walmart opposers like immigrants and poor people in the abstract, but they don't like to see them in groups larger than three outside their assigned neighborhoods.

For additional evidence, observe the tone used for the entertainments and other places favored by the poor -- the type of sporting events, churches, and restaurants they choose. It is the tone the settled and successful used about the poor and immigrants a hundred years ago. Exactly the tone used when the lower classes started going to college on the basis of merit. Exactly the tone that Europe, and one-third of the American Colonies, used when representative democracy was proposed as the rule of governance.

Democracy is a bitch, aint it?


David Foster said...

To a substantial extent, today's "progressivism" is about aesthetics. Many of these people actually believe their *taste* cars, furniture, clothing, and especially in food..actually makes them better people, rather than just being a matter of personal opinion.

Ymarsakar said...

You can't have class warfare when the "classes" are all shopping at Wal Mart, discussing things like family, and taking part in the good life.

It seems so degrading and unfair to the people that fly in jet airplanes, private limousines, protected by 50 body guards with Uzis, and 5 star hotels with Jacuzzis. So unfair, the Hollywooders see of the "poor" and "downtrodden" and how "Wal Mart" is taking advantage of them to make a profit.

The reality is ironic. Hollywood oppresses the poor and creates poverty. Wal Mart frees people from poverty and makes them happier. And for oppressors and drug dealers, that is a Bad Thing.

It really is a lot more insidious than arrogance and class prejudices. It is about power. Arrogance has no power to kill or to maim or to degrade the human spirit. The power of wealth, class oppression, and status does have the power to harm.

He who holds the power derived from the consent of 300 million people in America, wields a power fit for a God. And Hollywood wants to release the limits on government, to use that power for their purposes. This power was so great and so volatile, that the Founding Fathers took great pains to ensure that it would not blow up in their descendent's faces. Although some earlier troubles like the Civil War, proved that all things change over time. Sometimes even for the better.

The power of the masses are great. But the more happy they are, the more educated and cosmopolitan they are, the more they are satisfied with their lives and status, then the LESS they are amenable to control by Hollywood. Only violent, angry, and murderous men are controllable. At the flick of a switch and a word about cartoons, they may be incited and controlled to unleash upon the Enemy.

Hollywood likes Al-Qaeda, the Mid East, and the Taliban. They are what Hollywood and the upper classes have strived for generations to get. All the perks of money, all the unbridled power to use it, and all the masses under their control.

The only evidence I need is the evidence of human nature and how human behaviors act consistently within their natures.

Democracy is a bitch, which is why iran is trying to get nukes to stop democracy from infecting past BOTH their borders.

What is even more painful for the oppressors of humanity, is the thought of their slaves being educated, being happy, and being ARMED.

Hollywood fights against the 2nd Ammendment very well. It is time we armed Afghanistan and Iraq with the ultimate weapons to ensure their chance at liberty. Nuclear weapons, bombs, silos, and launch systems.

If we are truly on the side of liberty vs oppression, then we must act like it, and hold nothing back.