Thursday, December 08, 2005

Toxins as replacement for the Sin Concept

As the concept of sin has receded in American culture, the belief in body-poisons has grown. We are sure there is some pesticide, some hormone, some Frankenfood which is endangering us a little at a time, cumulatively eating away at our health. So many faddist health measures assure us that they flush various things from our bodies. We are walking bags of poisons inflicted on us by heartless corporations who only want to make money and don’t care what terrible things they do to us. Some conservation of belief in impurity seems in play here.

Also, it shows that we now value our body over our character.

Update: There is great similarity between extreme environmentlists and the early Puritans. Just a different target.


jess1dering said...

Hey You!!!! I didn't know you had a blog !! Is it new ? I've always very much enjoyed your "company" elsewhere. It'll be nice to be able to stop in and catch up on you when ever I feel like it.Oh and I feel so BUSTED by your current entry. SOOOOOO busted !!!

Assistant Village Idiot said...

Yes, it's new. Glad you stopped by. I had been hoping to catch you somewhere because I had a thought about your family at Thanksgiving giving you such grief. When I remember to use it, I have had some success reminding people that google and the internet let everyone fact check -- not just Republican blawwwgs. Even if they start out by trying to spear Donald Rumsfeld, doing the homework will eventually work in our favor.

Google is going to change the MSM forever.

I'm adding an update so you don't feel quite so busted. I hope.

jess1dering said...

It's a great busted, my friend. I do not smoke or drink OR exercise AND I sleep too much. All things character-related, eh ? But I do buy supplements and expect them to work magic. Really, I loved the shock of sudden self-recognition and will be out there 'developing some good character' in short order. THANKS! And for the good suggestion about getting those Little Rascals on-line if I can. Heaven knows they like to argue. Maybe I could imply that some good ammo can be found on-line. You have a great memory.... I must have mentioned the mocking emphasis. I had forgotten. It DID hurt me, though. Anyway, bless you and bless this blog. I'll be back!