Saturday, December 17, 2005

Nations as Personality Disorders

France is a glamorous borderline personality disorder, resulting from repeated incestuous victimization by Germany. It explains everything since the French Revolution. England has been the rescuer of the French from themselves and others, and was thus hated more than the abuser. DeGaulle hated the English more than the Germans as late as 1943. The American rescuer has supplanted the English one, allowing France to have better relations with the Brits.

With respect to the more belligerent Arab nations, I lean toward a diagnosis of Narcissistic Personality Disorder, while drsanity leans toward the more fully psychotic diagnoses -- she sees narcissism more in play with the terror apologists on the left and in the MSM;
neo-neocon (now just "Neo," for you Matrix fans) sees them in terms of shame; and an orgonomist, Dr. Harman has an interesting, but idiosyncratic view.

Russia has behaved like a Paranoid Personality Disorder for years -- not frankly psychotic, but married to misinterpretations bordering on delusion.

Keep playing.

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