Friday, December 30, 2005

Multicultural Tips For Human Services

Men from many foreign cultures, including Hispanic and many African groups, have strong cultural prohibitions against homosexuality and are insulted at being asked their sexual preference.

Wealthy people, including children, consider it shameful to be told what to do by people of lesser wealth.

Rural Muslims living under Sharia maintain family honor by killing their sexually-active daughters, and feel demeaned when they sense our disapproval.

Homosexual activists are offended by just about everything. Most other homosexuals are not offended by much of anything.

Many rich people have an especial dislike of poor people of their own race and will insult and actively disassociate themselves from them.

Transgendered people are insulted when providers lump them together with transsexuals.

People from many parts of the world consider it an important part of their culture to hate their national neighbors and try to kill them.

Northern Europeans, and Americans of that descent, are embarrassed by their sons’ interest in toy guns and army men and will try to conceal these activities from others, especially psychologists and social workers.

Attorneys cover their anxiety about lawyer jokes with laughter. And planning to sue your ass tomorrow.

Unattractive people may mistrust attractive providers.

Attractive people may mistrust unattractive providers.

Pedophiles consider Sears catalogues to be part of their cultural heritage.


Steve Burri said...

Environmental activists are offended by anyone not living in a cave.

PETA members are offended by anyone not eating sticks and soybeans.

I would hope that you would keep this as a constantly updated feature... that is if it doesn't offend you.

miriam sawyer said...

Good, very good. I have nothing to add.