Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Alas, Poor Shrinkwrapped

Going through old posts I recalled my old psychblogger days and realised how much I missed Shrinkwrapped, which went offline years ago.  I had saved a particular quote that continues to be edifying.
“Postmodern prose is perhaps best approached as an exercise in posturing and phonetics, of couching slim and trite observations in needlessly Byzantine language… Efforts to fathom deep meaning, or, very often, meaning of any kind, are generally exhausting and rarely rewarded. More often, what you’ll find is essentially a pile of language, carefully disorganised so as to obscure a lack of content.”
A pile of language.  Yes, that's it, put quite artfully.  I will have to remember it.


james said...

A pile of language shredded for composting.

Texan99 said...

Yup, word salad.

james said...

At least a salad is good to eat.

AL said...

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