Friday, May 24, 2013

Riots In Stockholm

Riots in Stockholm.  Many of the news sources don’t want to tell you who is rioting, but then they sort of have to hint because of the groups accusing that Swedish racism and inequality are the root cause. And they can’t not quote those groups, but the names of their spokespersons are so, err…obvious, dammit.  What’s a good liberal newspaper to do?  (Apparently they have a political phrase for “root cause” in Swedish as well as English.) Or sometimes, the subject slides over into wondering whether this “changes theimmigration debate.   It is apparently hard for immigrants to assimilate, so they just have to riot. You can find out what countries the rioters are from if you choose to work that hard. 

We all remember the Swedes rioting when they came to America, right?

I have mixed emotions about how this plays out.  I am of Swedish descent on one side and grew up feeling very proud of them.  Meeting actual Swedes has almost always been pleasant, and Americans who go there usually have nice things to say about it. Yet the writings and quotes coming out of Sweden since I became aware of them as an adult have gradually soured me.  We Americans just need to be nice tolerant people, like they are, and we wouldn’t have all these problems…

So I admire them for trying really hard to live up to their declared values, even when it’s difficult.  But I also have some schadenfreude that it does, in fact, turn out to be difficult to have a peaceful country when the population is less homogeneous than your typical Luciafest.

Now that I think of it, Luciafest here in America has become pretty diverse, so that’s not so good an example as I thought.  I’m trying to think of anything in America that actually is as homogeneous as Sweden 1990. White supremacist groups in America are genetically more varied than Uppsala and Lund.

I will declare again.  America's only competition in the world for handling actual diversity and getting along, even forging some friendships and alliances, comes from the other Anglospheric nations.  Everyone else just talks as if they would be really, really, tolerant, not like those racist Americans, if they, uh, had anyone other than their own tribe to practice it on.

See also: nice tolerant people moving to whiter nations or whiter states or even suburbs in order to get away from the racist attitudes that they disapprove of in Denmark, or Georgia, or Texas, or Germany.  When you get there, you can vote for nice progressive parties.


Anonymous said...

It's weird to live here for sure. The prevailing multiculturalism is a mix between naive tolerance towards immigrants and repressive conformism against anyone who criticize it.

Women are especially prone to this attitude. So much so that the anti-immigration party is more popular among people of foreign extraction than they are among ethnically Swedish women.

Although things are changing just a little bit. We have a refugee housing here and the local paper urged locals to show up for the opening to support them. The house was vandalized and only one couple showed up (out of a population of around 20K).

Assistant Village Idiot said...

Perhaps women are more prone to that because more of them gravitate to the community-get-along method of safety than the community-gets-protected mentality more common in males. Rather obviously, both strategies work better for survival in different circumstances.

I have a related thought about Män som hatar kvinnor, The Girl With The Dragon Tatoo. Though it is ostensibly about the sexual dangerousness and hatred of women by Swedish men - a group that has a low sexual assault rate - I wonder if it is really about the rising sexual assault rate by immigrants. (I don't that was Larrson's conscious intent.) If so, then it is a pretty complicated declaration of how Swedish men feel about that, what they are going to do, and what they think women should do.

As to residents of foreign extraction supporting anti-immigration policies, we have an example in my family. My son adopted from Romania, former USMC, now works in Tromso and is very distressed at both the Roma and Muslim immigration there. Actually, he's not too fond of the other Romanians either, and identifies as an American (though that invites some prejudice as well). He articulates very clearly that these groups do not want to change, and thus should not be welcome.

Anonymous said...

Women score higher on Neuroticism and Agreeableness, which makes the get-along method natural for them.

I haven't read Larsson but he only denounced communism in the late 1980s and was sort of obsessed with political correctness after that. Of course, he could have been channeling some repressed insights into his books, who knows. Those guys can be pretty fucked up.

I agree with your son. If you're not willing to adapt then you're essentially colonizing.

Sam L. said...

"Youths and men of no description", I believe they are called.

I wonder when the Swedes will remember they used to be Vikings, feared most everywhere, and decide they should be Vikings again. Maybe 50 years, my guess is. Or 25.

AVI: (I don't that was Larrson's conscious intent.) What don't you? Know? Think? Suspect?

Multi-Culti will kill the original culture, if allowed to.

Texan99 said...

What I get from "Dragon Tattoo" is a cheap shot at men with old-fashioned ideas about sex: they all turn out to be hypocrital, perverted predators. Our hero, in contrast, is relentlessly polite and indiscriminate. For him, sex is fun, but it would be bad manners not to get permission, or to make a big deal out of it morally or emotionally. Women sense this and offer themselves to him constantly, without any fuss or emotional demands.

Women don't get the hypocrite treatment; they get a free pass. They're either friendly neutrals or victims who can't be blamed for the revenge they're driven to.