Tuesday, May 28, 2013

European Attitudes...Toward Each Other

Pew Research has frequently checks up on how (some) Europeans feel about each other.  The year it is entitled The New Sick Man of Europe: The European Union. It's always fascinating to not only follow the ups and downs of who is considered most trustworthy - everyone thinks that would be the Germans, except the Greeks, who consider themselves the most trustworthy - versus least trustworthy - the Greeks, French, Italians, and contradictorily The Germans, all figure prominently, but to ponder why some questions were asked at all.

The French have become depressed in the last year.  "Dyspeptic" and "disillusioned" are the words used. Just about all of Southern Europe is discouraged about economic prospects.  Spain's percentage of folks who think the economy is good has dropped from 65% to 4% since 2007.  I do wonder who the 1% of Greeks are who think economic conditions are good.

Human nature being what it is, each nation rated itself the Most Compassionate.  Given my fondness for seeing social and political events in tribal terms, I think they are all likely correct.  Greeks are going to find that other Greeks are going to be more compassionate toward them than say, Germans.

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Texan99 said...

The tail ends of surveys always bemuse me. Eight percent of Republicans, for instance, think President Obama is doing a good job. My husband's explanation is that that's just Republican senators and their immediate families.

One percent of Greeks who think the economy is fine probably also think they're talking to an 8-foot-tall chicken.