Thursday, January 05, 2012

Top Ten List

I finally discovered one.  Looking through my stats every month or two, I notice that "Wayfinding And Stonehenge" and "Goethe's Three Questions" are always among my most-viewed posts, even though neither is recent.  I imagine both of them are coming off google hits, as Stonehenge must be a biggie, and the 3 Questions part of Goethe is in that no-man's land between common and obscure that a lot of people have heard of it, and are looking for it, but not many people have written about it.  A guess.

Tonight on a whim I clicked through to see what my most-read posts of all time are.  It's an odd grouping.

1. By far - is Wayfinding And Stonehenge, from six months ago.
2. And way ahead of #3, Things You Shouldn't Tell Young Parents.  I think it got stumbled-upon, or digged, or something, because it was 800 hits in one day, not much otherwise.
3. O'Sullivan's Law Hits Habitat For Humanity, from six years ago.  Both O'Sullivan's Law and HFH likely have good search numbers.
4. Goethe's Three Questions.  Also from 2006. As above.
5. Not Their Tribe. Late 2006.  A mix.  A big burst when it first came out, but a few readers every month since then as well.  This would also go into my "most comments received" top ten as well.
6. Clyde Joy, Willie Mae, and Goodnight Homes.  I am stunned this is on the list.  Enough NH people must be searching for Clyde every month, and I must be on the first page somewhere.  The 1950's nudist camp photo has been deleted, presumably by its originator or owner.
7. Chagall Windows - Zurich. Common search, I suspect.  They are stunning.
8. Merritt Ruhlen's List.  (Of words that echo the original, unified language of mankind, 50,000 or so years ago.) 2006 again.  Perhaps I peaked as a blogger in my first year.
9. Flamingos, Real and Plastic.  Rather a disappointment, as the Don Featherstone's have been deleted. akafred, aka Sponge-headed Scienceman, has a recommendation for a museum in Leominster.  You heard me.  No sniggering there in the last row.
10. California Rocket Fuel.  Likely search-engine related.

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