Sunday, January 15, 2012


Part of my solo set, back in the day. I still thought the idea of figuring out the chords yourself was only for exceptional and well-trained musicians, so I kept hounding them down at Ted Hebert's Music Mart to get a Lovin' Spoonful Songbook in.  I don't know when it occurred to me, actually, that one could listen to a song and hear what the chords were, then fool around with it until you got it right.

My wife loved the song and would ask for it, long after I had given up performing. I don't know why I found it embarrassing to sing to her alone.


Texan99 said...

My neighbors and I spend a lot of time trying to figure out chords for songs we like to play together. We're only moderately skilled at it, if the chords are at all unusual. It sure does help to find suggested chords on the net. These days, it's wonderful to be able to download sheet music for a surprising variety of songs. It used to be, as you say, that your only choice was the printed sheet music at the local store, very unsatisfactory.

Once a year, a friend of our neighbor's visits for New Year's Day. He has an "ear" and can reproduce on his guitar nearly any popular song he ever heard, even decades ago, even long strange ones with lots of transitions. That's like black magic to me.

WOW Gold said...

it looks like you had a much more fabulous weekend than my own! ha ha, i spent it studying for finals. ughhh.
lovely blog, by the way!