Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Songs My Parents Taught Me

It does leave out my favorite couplet.
The things they did that night, it put my heart to fear.
They took the ice right off the corpse, and put it on the beer (bier)

He was a Sigma Chi at UNH. My mother, for her part, taught me a take-off on "Jealousy"

called Leprosy. Only the first part of the melody is used for the parody. Her's was just a touch different:
There goes my left ear
Right into my stale beer.
She was a bit more reticent and embarrassed to be singing college drinking songs to her son. She was an Alpha Chi Omega.

I get the impression my parents were quite the lively partiers in college. When I was about sixteen I checked, of course, to see if I was, ahem, "born prematurely," but apparently not.


Gringo said...

If we are going to tango, then we need to include Tom Lehrer’s Masochism Tango , and some real down-home Tango from Carlos Gardel, the original Tango King:Mi Buenos Aires Querido [My Beloved Buenos Aires]. Carlos Gardel beat Buddy Holly and company in died-in-an-airplane-crash immortality by a quarter century.

Elizabeth L. crain said...

There goes my eyeball--
It fell into my highball....

Kitten said...

I've made sure my kids are aware of Dr Demento's Fishheads song. I hate the stupid thing but John used to love to sing it.

Dubbahdee said...

I recall a version of John Lennon's "Yesterday" re-written:

All the skin is falling off of me.
I'm not half the man I used to be
For leprosy's got hold of me.

Kiss me quick,
Before I lose my upper lip.
I don't even have a nose to pick.
Since Leprosy got hold of me.

I'm sure there's more, but that's what comes to recall.

I regularly sing "Lydia the Tatooed Lady." I think in a pinch the girls could pick it up and sing it themselves. Then there's "A Capital Ship".

Gringo said...

Dubbahdee- good one.

Which reminds me of my father's take on Elvis's "Love Me Tender."

Love me tender, love me sweet
Come to the garden and smell my feet